"Songs and sounds of the new world is a music that falls to us in silence. It reminds us of the why and here and everyone has access to the sounds ... within you."

For all those who believe in musical medicine ...

but most of all to remind myself every day that I am FREE to create my own reality.

During my first vision quest in 2015, at the foot of Mount Shasta, I heard my inner voice saying: „Focus your attention entirely on the SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD. That is your task.“ My head wanted to KNOW what these Songs were about – until then I had written a few songs on my own and the term SoundHealingArts was still a long way off – but an explanation was missing. Without being aware of the consequences of this way I said YES! Because I felt with every cell that it was right.
Today, 5 years later, I am starting this blog to share the medicine that make me FREE – with every singing, humming, chanting – even just thinking! The Songs help me to free myself from destructive thought patterns; traumas; head concepts about being a woman, being a mother, being a wife in this worrld. They are my SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD, the path of the inner voice, with which I would like to inspire you, maybe even encourage you to follow your inner voice! Because no matter how stony the path of the heart may be sometimes – a FREE LIFE is worth it!




Create your own Songs for YOUR new World and record them in our studio yurte.


Using your Voice as Medicine to sing yourself into being.

Heart Voice (R)Evolution Bootcamp

The one Week Boot Camp to free your Voice, Body and Heart.